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Space-time dashboard

Space -Time 1
The Universe and the Quantum Across the Universe
Size of the Universe Big Bang and cosmic inflation
Shape of the Universe Cosmic rays
A glimpse of the quantum world Cosmic background radiation (CMBR)
Viewing the night sky  
“Empty space” of physics  
Structure from the vacuum of space  


Space -Time 2
Coming Soon Coming Soon


Life-mind dashboard

Life - Mind 1
Life and Cells Neurons and Networks
Classifying organisms Neurons: Gray matter
Cells Synapses: Chemical modulators
Evolution of cells Myelination: White matter
Energy and cells Growth of the brain
  Information transmission and storage
  Neural networks and motor skills
  Neural networks and memories


Life - Mind 2
DNA and Genes Development of an Embryo
Double helix structure Fertilization of egg cell
Read, translate, and assemble Replication of DNA
Reading the DNA template Appearance of chromosomes
Genes Division and differentiation of cells


Life - Mind 3
Adaptation Replication
Evolutionary adaptation Organisms (molecular motors)
Adaptation and natural selection Primordial soup
Adaptation and entropy Replicators increase complexity
Evolution of the eye Original replicators and DNA


Life - Mind 4
Proteins Life and Rocks
Manufacture proteins Black Earth
Transcribe the message from the gene Grey Earth
Edit the message Blue Earth
Read the message from the carrier RNA Red Earth
Assemble the protein White Earth
Move the protein to the right place Green Earth

Thought patterns dashboard

Thought patterns 1
Sources of the Bible Interpreting the Bible
Timeline of the Bible Plenary inspiration and prophecy
Origins of the Bible Relation to science and scholarship
Writers of the Old Testament Role of faith
Writers of the New Testament The illusion of God’s presence
  God: A most unpleasant character


Thought patterns 2
Preserving the Bible Environment of the Bible
Canonization of the Bible Enuma Elish and the Creation story
Transmission of the Bible Hammurabi and Laws of Moses
Translation of the Bible Gilgamesh and the Flood story
  Jesus of the Gospels
  Historical Jesus: non-Christian sources


Thought patterns 3
Perspectives Coming soon
Finetuning the Universe  
Anthropic Principle  

Perception and reality

Perception and reality 1
The Big Picture Sensory Perception
Lens to reality Model of reality
Dematerialization of physical reality Heritage of the senses
Objects, time, and 3D space Extra dimensions
The big questions Perception of self
Science and humanism Experience of self


Perception and reality 2
Consciousness and Experience Potpourri
Experience of the external world Natural and human history
Storing and processing consciousness The meaning of history
Schemas Core morality: conscience
Evolution of consciousness Consciousness and cephalopods
Precursors of experience Psychology and perception
Internal models and consciousness  


Perception and reality 3
Place in Time Place in Space
History of life on Earth Earth
Scanning the eons Solar System
Periods of the Phanerozoic eon Milky Way galaxy
Paleozoic era Local Group of galaxies
Mesozoic era Virgo Supercluster of galaxies
Cenozoic era Cosmic Web of our Universe


Perception and reality 4
Squishy Things (TBD)  
Aging and death