Welcome Page

Welcome to Cogni-Vision™ — a website that probes the deepest questions about existence and reality. Cogni-Vision™ is a way to perceive reality drawn from an eclectic mix of science and philosophy. Topics range from quantum mechanics to the structure of thought; from our perception of space and time to the nature of consciousness; from our ascription of meaning to our emotional well-being.

Nothing to sell. No trite answers. Just the joy of the quest for understanding.

The website is divided into four sections:

  • Spacetime and energy-matter
  • Life-mind
  • Thought patterns and mathematics
  • Perception of reality

Spacetime and energy-matter focuses on the world of things that we see in our daily life. What is it, really, that we perceive? We think that we see objects located in space that move and change through a smooth flow of time. But is that really what is going on?

Life-mind emphasizes the relationship between the physical world and life forms. The discussion then moves to the nature of consciousness and its connection to the external world.

Thought patterns and mathematics explores how we know what we think we know.  We go on to consider some of the constructs of thought and examine the nature of mathematics relative to the physical world.

Finally, we synthesize the concepts into a coherent perception of reality and examine some implications.

With a single click, let’s begin our journey into Cogni-Vision™.