Never-ending nothingness forever; that is where we begin.  Absolute nothing.  No space. No time.  No energy. No subatomic particles.  No force fields.  No laws of mathematics.  NOTHING.

Everything else is SOMETHING.  Matter. Laws of physics.  Unicorns.  Perceptions. Consciousness.  Even the mere possibility that something exists (like God).

Reality could have been nothing, or it could have been somethingNothing would seem to be the most natural state of affairs.  But we know for sure that something exists – because we perceive something.  Quite simple, really.

The ideal world of forms

A number of my students doubt that the ideal world of forms exists.  When they see a table that they have never seen before, they still recognize it as a table.  Where is that table that allows them to know a table that they have never seen before?  It is in the abstract world of forms, which looks like Jello.